Can you hear me now? Part 1

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shirley & about everyone else in the Universe has been after me for years to do something about my hearing. Finally, about 2 months ago, we got an ad in the mail touting a ‘free hearing test.’ I knew what this meant: suck me in, reaffirm that I can’t hear much & get me to plunk down a wad of cash.

Yet, with just a little bit of additional arm twisting, I called & made an appointment.

The test, like the one several years ago at Lesser’s office (my ENT guy who’s been roto-rootering me for many years) showed I had major loss in the high frequencies.

Then came the time to select the ‘instrument.’ Because my ear canals are narrow & crooked, (no comments, please!) the choice of an in-the-ear device was out & I would need an over-the-ear piece. Then came the choice of colors. I didn’t want a skin-tone one, since it would look like I was trying to hide something so I chose a black one – onyx in their parlance.

Then came the selection of buds – the in-the-ear plug that held it in. Medium seemed to be the ticket. I then plunked down a deposit, signed up for one of those ‘no interest if you pay in time, otherwise 900% interest’ deals where I have a year to pay for them.

Three weeks later the aids were in. I went to get them & they worked really neat though there were some odd things like crinkling paper sounded like a gong in a Tarzan movie. This could be toned down by an actual adjustment switch on the audiologist’s computer – the problem is that common.

So, with a little practice in getting them in & out, general maintenance & such I was loosed on the world with them on November 9th – the day after the election.  I lost the election by 289 votes or 0.33%. But that story is for another day.

Next: life with hearing


2 Responses to Can you hear me now? Part 1

  1. Lee Westerman says:

    Ron, Irv gets his from the VA which is a help financially, but as far as I am concerned, he still does not hear well, especially when I am talking, or is that a husband thing. Anyway, they are hearing aids and although they help, there is nothing like the real thing. Good luck. Lee

    • ronstoloff says:


      I met a guy today who told me that he only uses his aids when he goes out. He said it avoids the yelling of kids around the house. ;-}

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