The $10,000,000 Cat Part 3

Another year of every week – usually very early Sunday mornings. Finally, the wound looked fairly good and we all agreed that we’d experiment with letting her run free – no bandage.

This lasted about 3 days before the wound opened up again and it was back to bandaging.

After it began to heal a little bit, another suggestion came up: boots. Actually, 1 boot. This was a rubber boot held on by Velcro that would give her foot some protection butIMG_0340 eliminate the constant bandage changing. Two weeks later, she was ‘fitted’ for the boot and we were home. She ran like the wind but several days later began limping. Back to the vet. The wound had opened up again because the boot moved every time she stepped and rubbed her foot.

Back to bandaging.

The head vet suggested that we do a culture to find out why the infection wasn’t responding to the antibiotics and it was discovered that Perseph has MRSA – this is the very staff infection that is sweeping human hospitals and is resistant to most antibiotics. Problem is, most of the effective antibiotics can be damaging to her kidneys or liver so we held off.

Finally, in late June, the vet figuratively threw up her hands and said that there doesn’t seem to be any point in continuing this path and we reluctantly agreed on amputation. Once more we checked the X-rays to be sure that the other leg would hold her and surgery was set.


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